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How to live a good life as a mom?

you’re not the only one wondering if I’m a good mom or not. If I give the importance that I must give to children and to my life as a mom. Maybe I give a little too much?

bone know that we will help you find the right answer and a balance between being a good mom and a woman who lives her life fully

Blog for moms: 

Find advice and information on conception pregnancy maternity but not only. There are also articles on the family in particular the education of the children, councils on the life of couple, for the solo moms and of course gift ideas for man, woman, mom and for children. This blog lists and publishes everything related to the daily lives of women but also of mothers. Whether you are alone or as a couple, you will find topics that talk about your situation and that can help you overcome certain difficulties in life. We wish everyone a good read!

The different blog items

Love is a lively feeling that pushes you to love (someone), to want good, to help by identifying yourself more or less. Being in a relationship has no advantages.
A relationship is a team where everyone brings what they have, love of course but also respect, understanding and sharing.
When time experiences love passion, the couple questions themselves. Failure of desire, sexual dissatisfaction. Some say that sex is the cement of the couple, it is not false. We talk about it in some of our articles which will be of great help to you.
Getting pregnant can take a long time and discourage some: why it is sometimes so difficult to conceive. gives you all the information you need on ovulation, the different stages of the ovulatory cycle in articles dedicated to expectant mothers
Your baby will take time to develop over the next nine months before he can hold him in your arms.

Get pregnant

Your baby will take time to develop over the next nine months before he can hold him in your arms.

Take exams

You will have to do tests throughout the pregnancy, they are mandatory for the well being of the baby. You will need to have blood tests, ultrasounds and urinalysis

Motherhood is a unique moment in a woman’s life. A new way of projecting into the future, as a woman and as a mother. Our specialists have written articles that will help you get through this period in the best possible way.
Expectant mother 
You have been waiting for this moment since you were very little, and the big day is finally approaching.
As a future mother, you make your dreams come true. To go from future mother to mother, you will first go through the birthing box … And like all women, this moment paralyzes you.

Body change

From the start of pregnancy, the breasts swell under the effect of hormonal hypersecretion. During pregnancy, the skin loses its elasticity. Stretch marks can appear, especially during the last trimester. These traces are very difficult to remove.



childbirth is feared by all women and this is normal. The unknown is always scary but there are solutions. Psychic preparation is also necessary

Adult mom 
An adult mom is not a woman like the others, she is mature and has different styles and tastes than young mothers. But she needs to be taken care of, so she must be spoiled. You will find in articles in this direction.
Solo mom 

A solo mom must manage everything alone, including the absence of the father. Making a child understand this situation is not easy. If he didn’t know his father, he needs to know that he exists

Rhythm of life of a solo mom

A solo mom has as many challenges to overcome as a classic mom, that is to say as a couple. She must take care of her children, assume several roles at the same time while trying not to forget herself on the way, to find or in any case not to lose sight of the woman that we are, that is the challenge to relieve

When you become a mom or simply a parent, you have a duty to take care of the baby until he reaches the age of majority. The first weeks of life in the company of baby will immerse you in a wave of emotions as diverse as intense. This route is full of pitfalls, solutions exist to support you.
New born 
At birth, Baby finds himself in a new world for which he is not prepared. If this is your first child, you have everything to learn: how to feed it, hold it in your arms so that it is comfortable, how to wash it.

His skin

At birth, baby can have pink skin and even a little purplish, even dark depending on its origins

Its size and weight

If baby is born at term, that is between the 37th and 42nd week of pregnancy, he will measure on average between 45 and 55 cm, his weight could vary between 2,500 gr and 4,300 gr


Being a parent day by day is not always paradise. the child must be the subject of a special interest and of specific protection

Watch over him

It is youth and vulnerability that characterize a child. It is a growing being, an adult in the making, who cannot afford to protect himself alone.


Adolescence is a phase of human physical and mental development that occurs during the lifespan and is an inevitable transition, during which parenting is severely tested.

Understanding the crisis

Care must be taken to identify the problem. Relationship difficulties arise due to the fact that he is generally closed in on himself, thinking that adults do not understand anything


Dialogue is important in the relationship with the adolescent. Try to lead the conversation gradually


Being a man / husband has duties and responsibilities. The life of a couple is a long journey that should not fall into the routine.


You are responsible for your wife and children, quite simply for your home. Even if we are in the 21st century, that responsibility is yours.


Just as a woman must obedience, kindness and tenderness to her husband, he must behave with kindness, tenderness and delicacy with his wife. Living together is an eternal work every day

Products provides you with products of all kinds and for all budgets. From birthday gifts to birth gifts, including beauty products but also home and car items, everything is done to make your daily life easier and allow you to save time and money.
Gift idea future mother 
You will find on this blog articles on the products that you can offer to a future mother. We all know that finding the perfect gift for them is not easy. 
What do we have to offer them?
You can give a future mom lots of useful gifts that she will appreciate. This can be cosmetic products to treat stretch marks or items to care for the baby. 
Favorite gifts
In general, expectant mothers like gifts that can help them suffer less during pregnancy. So opt for pregnancy cushions which are always appreciated or opt for pregnancy dresses for photo shoots.
Mom gift idea 
A mom, we only have one. He therefore take care of it and make her happy from time to time, not just on her birthday. To this end, we sometimes devote articles to them with gift ideas just for them.
When is the right time?
It is common to offer a gift to your mother or to a young mother on your birthday, but you can also make them happy with a small gift to testify and especially remind them that you are thinking of them.
Type of gifts
Times have changed, so stop with the flowers, unless they are accompanied by a little something. A mother would appreciate a mug to take her coffee or vacuum cleaner to clean her house. A young mother would not say no to a straightener to make beautiful cuts or hygiene products to take care of her baby.
Man gift idea 

You will find on our blog ideas for men to please your dad, son, brother or your husband. If you are tired of giving old-fashioned men’s gifts, take a look at what we have to offer. It’s the best place to buy men’s birthday gifts

Gift for Teens

Whether the recipient of the gift is a 20 year old man or a teenager, we have what it takes. From video games to gadgets to clothing, we dedicate a whole collection to them


Gift for men

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We regularly offer health articles on our blog, advice in particular. This is done for one purpose, to inform you. We share articles on hygiene which are greatly useful in avoiding bacteria and therefore contamination.  
If you suffer from a serious illness, don’t just read the articles, consult your doctor.
We have a full blog with various articles that talk about your daily life and that help you better understand certain things to avoid traps, false information that are quite common on the web.